Hacked By ISPA Team & Syrian Revolution Electronic Army
Hackers Of Syrian Revolution

In besiged Aleepo there is nothing but smell of death and sound of guns and explosions which fall on civilians; and Russian warplane which bombing the civ.in all kindof weapons. The Syrian government begun executions and bombing everywhere and excute all the medical team in besiged Aleepo In Aleepo, thre is difficultness to describe the life there.In Aleppo the death is preferably on staying in government prisons. All peoples are afraid, they did not ask about anything unless safe exit from fired city. The war did not distinguished between man or wome elder or young mosque or church animals or planet.every things burns without any exceptions.Indeed, our need to definitife solution is increased to the max. there is more than 100,000 civilan trapped in very narrow area waiting nothing. Aleppo exterminated with global silence. If we did not move and make something the history will curse us God save Aleppo and Syria