Frequently Asked Questions
1. Are Registed With all Government License and Statutory?

Asn : Yes We Have Registed with all Government License and Statutory.

2. Your Security Personnel All Are Trained?

Ans: Yes, Our All Security Personnel All Are Trained By Our Ex-Defense Officer.

3. Your Security Personnel All Are Verified Antecedent Verification?

Ans: Yes, Our Retired Police Investigation And Detective Officer Verified All Security Personnel.

4. Are You Available your officer 24 hours Day And Night Patrol?

Yes, Our duty officer will available 24 hours and Patrolling Round The Clock Checking On All Our Client Units (24 X 7).

5. Your All Security Personnel Are Educated?

Ans: Yes, Depend Upon Your Rates.

6. How old are Your Security Personnel Deployed?

Ans: Depended Upon Your Rates (18 – 58), as per Government norms.

7. Are You Having Additional Security Personnel For Reliving Duties?

Ans: Our Reliving Security Personnel Staying In Our Accommodation Premises.

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