Ex-Servicemen Security, We offer full Security Services & Technology!

We are an Ex-Servicemen organisation engaged in providing and maintaining Security services to industrial establishment, Institution, Commercial organisations, Hospitals, Banks, Construction sites, Stockyards, Godowns VIP Bungalows etc.


  • To create and provide employment for unemployment men and women, both educated and uneducated.
  • Client Satisfaction.
  • To help each our employee family to live a happier life.


  • To provide employment to 10,000 unemployed people.
  • To open branches all over south India.
  • To No.1 Security services in Tamilnadu.
  • To start a training centre around 5 acres.


  • To satisfy client with honest
  • Excellent & Intelligence services
  • All services in one roof.
  • Think Services Think ESS.

Services Includes

Strategies ensure proactive domination

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Strategies ensure proactive domination

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Strategies ensure proactive dominate
Ex-Servicemen Security Service

We offer benefits to the Clients

  • We provide reliever for our employees whenever required.
  • Our field officer visits all the sites frequently on day times.
  • Night Patrolling and surprise checks are done by our Checking Inspector and Senior Security Officer and they give feedbacks and Reports to the concern in-charge.
  • Our Investigators and Detective Officer will give Confidential and Intelligential reports will be given in monthly once.
  • Our Organisation functioning 24x7. You can contact our Field Officer, Patrolling Officer, Executive Officer, Manager and MD as per requirement.
  • Their contact number will be given after posting of our Personnel’s.

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Survival strategies to ensure proactive domination
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Strategies ensure proactive
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Strategies ensure proactive dominate

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