About us


  • To create and provide employment for unemployment men and women, both educated and uneducated.
  • Client Satisfaction.
  • To help each our employee family to live a happier life.


  • To provide employment to 10,000 unemployed people.
  • To open branches all over south India.
  • To No.1 Security services in Tamilnadu.
  • To start a training centre around 5 acres.


  • To satisfy client with honest
  • Excellent & Intelligence services
  • All services in one roof.
  • Think Services Think ESS.

Ex-Servicemen Security, We offer full Security Services & Technology!

We are an Ex-Servicemen organisation engaged in providing and maintaining Security services to industrial establishment, Institution, Commercial organisations, Hospitals, Banks, Construction sites, Stockyards, Godowns VIP Bungalows etc. Security is not a static subject and, therefore, different type and nature of property and business need appropriate and suitable security arrangements tailored to fit, considering among other aspects, the location infrastructure, local experience, environment and cost of Security etc.

As a result, each Security assignment poses itself as a separate and unique challenge and we take up and execute the assignments as such.

  • We have come a long way backed by years of experience and expertise Engaging trained and experienced personnel. We are an ISO 9001 : 2015 and 14001 : 2015 Registered Organisation.
  • We will train our people on job and work – attitude before they are put on Jobs Exclusive Training Centre in Alandhur, Chennai.
  • We are doing services at Central Government Departments, Defence, Navy, Air Force, Educational Institution, Tamil Nadu Government, PSU etc., and all are fully satisfied with our services.
  • Not only this service, we are ready to do all kind of Human source Services as per your requirement.

Benefits of Employees

  • We are paying the salary to our Employees on or before 5th of every month with all statutory rates.
  • We are paying ESI & EPF according to Govt. norms and it is Strictly followed by us.
  • We are paying Labour Employee Insurance.
  • We are providing Uniforms & ID card for all Employees.
  • We are paying Emergency, Educational, Marriage Advance
  • We offer some benefits to the employees during the festival period.

Benefits of Clients

  • We provide reliever for our employees whenever required.
  • Our field officer visits all the sites frequently on day times.
  • Night Patrolling and surprise checks are done by our Checking Inspector and Senior Security Officer and they give feedbacks and Reports to the concern in-charge.
  • Our Investigaters and Detective Officer will give Confidential and Intelligencial reports will be given in monthly once.
  • Our Organisation functioning 24x7. You can contact our Field Officer, Patrolling Officer, Executive Officer, Manager and MD as per requirement. Their contact number will be given after posting of our Personnel’s.

Head Of Divisions

Strategies ensure proactive dominate

Dedicated Security Services, Call 044 4350 8979 / +91500 34983 / +91 94441 54521

Our customers everywhere trust our fully accredited and tailored guard solutions