Understanding of General Management Practices for effective Co-ordiantion of Security Functions


Unlike in the past, when Security func ons were limited to physical Security at the gates, today the overall Security func ons are becoming more and more complex and professional and can be effec vely discharged only if the Security management possess adequate knowledge in various managerial func ons and standard opera ng procedures in the areas of personnel, Industrial Rela ons, Stores, Shipping , Marke ng , Finance etc. for the purpose of introducing effec ve security measures, to prevent and where necessary to inves gate into the.., pilferage, fraud etc as well as to ensure effective coordination and interaction with other departments. Our organisa on possess adequate knowledge in various management disciplines and is thus capable of providing exhaus ve and effec ve Security cover to our clients.


Ultimately it is the result that matters and needed to achieve

The ultimate objectives of our Security organisation are:

  1. Higher productivity and be er profitability to our clients through prevention /detection of the, pilferage, misappropriation, fire hazard etc.
  2. Promotion industrial peace and enhancing the corporate image of our client through positive and professional management and conduct of All Type of Manpower.
  3. Prevention of major industrial problems through preventive action taken on the basis of or reliable Security intelligence.
  4. Adequate capacity in all aspects to take on any sudden and unexpected industrial unrest, safeguarding the Companies, loyal men, material property and its image.
  5. But there is more than can be said in words. Its vision .. its outlook .. Which is nature and provide you with adequate and appropriate Security cover.



We are an Ex-Servicemen organisation engaged in providing and maintaining Security services to industrial establishment , Ins tu on, Commerical organisations, Hospitals, Banks, Construction sites, Stockyards, Godowns VIP Bungalows etc. Security is not a static subject and, therefore, different type and nature of property and business need appropriate and suitable security arrangements tailored to fit, considering among other aspects, the location infrastructure, local experience, environment and cost of Security etc. As a result, each Security assignment poses itself as a separate and unique challenge and we take up and execute the assignments as such. As a pre requisite prior to taking over the Security assignment and its related responsibilities, we carryout a Security survey of our clients premises and its immediate neighborhood and suggest appropriate and effective Security system and out it suitable to our client's needs and this is periodically scrutinized and up dated to meet squarely the increasing challenges posed due to changing mes under diverse conditions. Our Security organisation is also as a whole kept in a state of readiness to help and provide additional safeguard to our clients to meet any sudden situation borne out of strikes/lockouts and other industrial unrest.

A Disciplined Ex-Servicemen organisation

Ours is a professionally run Ex-servicemen organisation inculcating in its Security personnel such discipline, loyalty and responsibility as our Manager's have learnt and practice in the Military and Defence services. The guidelines, nojms, policies and prac ces of our Security organisation is formulated and practised to meet this end.

Selection and Training


Recruitment of Security personnel is made by a panel of senior Police and Military officers ensuring selec on of right type of personnel. The antecedent of the candidates are further checked and verified through Police authorities. _ Our Training Officer a er assessing the Security risk and the nature and type of various Security duties and functions required to be performed at our clients premises, organises a relevant Training / Refresher Course in All type of Manpower, Fire prevention, Fire fighting, First Aid Civil reference to our client's needs, requirements and situation. The training is organised in the above unique manner mainly for two reasons; firstly, the training thus provided shall be comprehensive and particularly relevant to our client's needs enabling improvement in the overall quality and alertness of the Security and secondly, the above training facilies can be availed of by our clients, free of cost, to provide training on relevant disciplines to their workers /employees thus constantly updating them as well as improving the overall efficiency of our Client's Organisation.

Security Survey and Report (Free of Cost)

A Security survey is just what it says a SWOT analysis to assess potential risk presented by internal as well as external environment leading, to a cost / benefit analysis and where they call for money to be spent, the expenditure balanced against the poten al loss, if ac on is not taken.

On receipt of a confirmed enquiry, we carry out a security survey of the clients's premises to analyse and assess various Security risks and related factors. The findings of the survey together with our detailed observations and proposals for an effective Security System is then presented to the client in the form of a report

An Effect investigation detective department to strengthen the All type of Manpower


Our Security Bureau has a separate and full fledged department engaged in inves ga on and detective work of highly sensi ve and confidential nature for and on behalf of our clients who include among others Nationalised banks and foreign banks. The services of this investigation department is utilized as may be required, and where necessary, to detect fraud. the , pilferage, misappropria on and other criminal and an social activities that may occur in the business or at the premises of our clients.

Day and Night Checking

We have in our staff senior Security Officers and inspectors who regularly carry our Security checks and inspection of our clients'units during the day and night. Such periodical checks of our clients' units besides keeping our on duty personnel alert, o en reveal new and unexpected Security problems and help in providing appropriate thus, con nuously updating as well as perfecting the

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